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About Chapter Zero Kazakhstan

Advancing climate change
and ESG strategies
in the Boards


Application of efficient advanced environmentally friendly methods and technologies

How to become
part of the initiative?

We welcome non-executive directors and corporate leaders who are keen to address climate change as a strategic business issue. A community offering support and knowledge awaits you.



Membership of Chapter Zero Kazakhstan will be useful for both those new to climate change and business issues and seasoned experts.


for Chapter Zero Kazakhstan


Leading Kazakhstan companies, non-profit and government organizations that are experts or seek to influence the climate agenda.


  • Opening new markets and business opportunities

  • Opportunity to expand the client base and more widely present your services

  • Contributing to Kazakhstan's climate agenda

  • Strengthening the influence of the company's brand by raising awareness of climate change management activities

  • Receiving recommendations from the world's best industry experts in climate change management

  • ESG training for Board members from INSEAD Business School lecturers


  • Paid


We help board members identify potential risks and business opportunities related to climate change and low-carbon strategies at national and international level.


  • Participation in regular events and discussions with Kazakhstan and international experts on climate change

  • Access to the latest information on climate change impacts in Kazakhstan and the world


  • Free

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