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Key knowledge and resources for board directors 

Недостающая часть

Chapter Zero Kazakhstan and McKinsey held the first event in the series "from awareness of company boards of directors about climate change to concrete action"

Международные флаги

•    Types of reporting in the field of sustainable development
•    Advantages of developing ESG practices for companies
•   ESG rating and Metrics
•    Reducing corruption risks through the introduction of non-financial reporting
•    Investment prospects for projects that comply with ESG principles and the experience of countries in creating laws governing ESG reporting

Фермерские поля

The event is aimed at highlighting the key aspects of the integration of ESG strategy into modern corporate practices and its impact on enterprise management.


From Community of Climate Governance Experts

  • Developing strategies for a low-carbon economy

  • Setting benchmarks and tracking progress

  • Selection and implementation of effective strategic approaches

Солнечные панели на деревьях

Transition plans provide comprehensive information on the strategies (technical, financial, governance, etc.) that an organisation will follow to achieve its net zero targets and contribute towards a climate-resilient economy

Мирное озеро

Climate in the Boardroom

by the Climate Governance Initiative

An introduction for board directors to climate change and effective climate governance

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