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The webinar on "ESG implementation and sustainable development" was held

Updated: Jun 11

On May 21, a webinar organized by Chapter Zero Kazakhstan together with @kpmg_cca on the topic "ESG implementation and sustainable development" was held.

The event attracted many participants who wanted to improve their knowledge and practices in the field of sustainable development and ESG integration.

During the session, the key benefits of ESG for companies were discussed, including improving corporate reputation, reducing risks and attracting investors. Companies implementing ESG are becoming more resilient and adaptive to market changes.

We learned how ESG integration contributes to more effective risk management and operational efficiency. Examples of successful strategies and practices were given.

The implementation of ESG strategies accelerates the company's growth, improves profitability and increases its attractiveness to investors. Companies with high ESG indicators receive the best financing conditions.

The relevance of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for business and ways to integrate them into corporate strategies were considered.

This webinar was an important step towards a sustainable future for many companies seeking to improve their environmental and social performance, as well as increase transparency and management efficiency.

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