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Chapter Zero Kazakhstan has participated in the World Economic Forum, which was held in Geneva, Switzerland

Our Chair, Gulzada Shakulikova, had the privilege of attending the two-day seminar Mobilizing Directors for Climate Action, organized by the World Economic Forum and the Climate Governance Initiative.

During the seminar, the productive discussion with Børge Brende, the President of the World Economic Forum highlighted key geopolitical, energy, and economic trends that board directors must be aware of as we transition to a climate-resilient future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the crucial geopolitical, energy, and economic events and trends in 2024, a year where over 2 billion citizens from 50 countries will go to the polls.

  • Preparing corporate boards for the increasing geopolitical tensions and enduring challenges of the energy transition.

  • Exploring the prospects of global cooperation and identifying the forms of partnerships and collaborative platforms needed in a fragmented world.

Chapter Zero Kazakhstan committed to advancing climate governance and sustainable development. Chapter Zero Kazakhstan is dedicated to equipping corporate boards with the necessary insights and strategies to tackle climate challenges effectively. This seminar was a significant step towards reinforcing our commitment and enhancing our role in global climate action.

This insightful session underscored the importance of global cooperation and innovative partnerships to navigate the complexities of climate action and governance.

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