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Field meeting of the SDG Accelerator teams

On June 22, a meeting of the SDG Accelerator teams with the assets of the Akmola region took place in the city of Kokshetau. The event was organized by the Public Project Office of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly and Maqsut Narikbayev University to discuss and develop initiatives on various Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At the meeting, the teams worked on strategic issues and directions of development of the Akmola region in such areas as health, education, economic growth, sustainable urban development, climate change and justice, with the participation of all stakeholders.

The SDG 13 "Combating Climate Change" team, led by Chapter Zero Kazakhstan, worked together with stakeholders to develop projects for ready-made government solutions, in particular projects to reduce methane emissions in the region. The main focus was on the development of scalable projects and specific steps for implementation in the Akmola region.

Chapter Zero Kazakhstan actively collaborated with representatives of local authorities, businesses and the expert community to develop initiatives to combat climate change and adapt to its consequences.

Following the discussion, the event ended with presentations of pilot projects of the SDG teams for the regional executive authority and the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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