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Chapter Zero and McKinsey held the first event in a series of webinars for Boards of Directors on the necessary changes to achieve the ultimate goal - Net Zero.

On April 29, Chapter Zero and McKinsey held the first webinar on "Solving NetZero Equations".

Within the framework of the partnership, five sessions will be held on creating the necessary changes in the boards to ensure the transition to zero emissions.

During the first session, we discussed the basics of zero net emissions, what is needed to succeed in the transition and what consequences are expected for companies.

Then, nine requirements for solving the net zero equation were discussed, such as: natural resources, technology, economic and social change, as well as incentive mechanisms, standards and public consent.

Finally, we focused our discussion on the implications for companies, the levers of value creation through sustainable development, and the principles and actions that can help the board of directors and executive management successfully navigate the transition period!

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