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The webinar on "Strategy Management in an uncertain World", organized by Chapter Zero Kazakhstan together with McKinsey & Company, was successfully held

This was the second session of the "From Awareness to Action" series, aimed at helping business leaders adapt to rapidly changing conditions and transition to a low-carbon economy.

At the webinar, McKinsey & Company experts discussed key issues of developing strategic options for a low-carbon future, setting benchmarks and choosing the right strategic positions.

The main topics of the webinar included:

• Developing strategies for a low-carbon economy

• Setting benchmarks and tracking progress

• Selection and implementation of effective strategic approaches.

An important aspect of this webinar was the discussion of evidence-based decarbonization goals and trends, such as domestic CO2 prices, which companies include in their business decisions. Examples of companies successfully implementing strategies for sustainable growth and investments in environmentally friendly technologies were considered.

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